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Amrita Rao is an Indian film actress and a model who was born and spent her childhood in Mumbai, India. She has acted in many Hindi movies and also in one Telugu movie. Since her younger age she has loved this field and also she has joined Tv commercials. Her first performance in the screen was Woh Pyar Mera music video of Alisha Chinoy. In 2002 Amritha Rao played the main role of the movie Ab Ke Baras, a fantasy thriller movie by Raj Kanwar. She acted as Anjali Thapar. Those who watched the movie had told that Amrita would be able to reach the top of this field. And also she is just an innocent, humble character who could win lots of people around her, with her skilled performances and her dancing talent. As mentioned before she has acceded a considerable place in this field.

Amrita Rao had a chance to co-star with Shahid Kapoor, a considerable Bollywood actor, in the movie Ishq vishk. This movie is about a love story because of her great performances. Amrita could win many awards. Mainly The film fare Best Female Debut Award in 2003, and IIfA Award for Star Debut of the year in 2004. She was nominated for the Stardust Best Actress Award and also for the film fare Best Supporting Actress Award because of her brilliant performances in Welcome to Sajjanpur(2008) and Main Hoon Na(2004) movies. Amrita was named as “Bollywood’s quintessential girl-next-door” by media.

In 2011 Amrita Rao’s name was added to the “50 Most Desirable Women” name list in Times of India. In 2004 Amrita Rao has co-starred with Vivek Oberoi who was the main actor at that time. They acted together in the movie Masti, an adult comedy movie by Indra Kumar. The movie received very good reviews and was average at the box office. Even though some people criticized her sexy dance in the movie, her husband’s reviews were good. Then she co-starred with many main actors in an action comedy movie-Main Hoon Na. As she joined that film she was able to know many famous actors such as Shah Rukh Khan, Sunil Shetty, Sushmita Sen, and Zayed Khan. In that movie, she had to play the role of Army Officer’s daughter Sanjana(Sanju)Bakshi and for that, she was nominated for the category Best Supporting Actress in film fair awards. Because of her humbleness, Amrita Rao tends to accept any character even it is a major role or a minor role. Milan Luthria’s Deewar movie is an evidence for her humbleness.

In 2005 Amrita Rao starred with the actors Shahid Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt who played leading roles in the movie Vivah! Lie Ho Toh Aisi!. Even though reviews were not good she did her best by playing her role as a teacher. A person called Glamsham has told that the only thing one can watch in the movie was Amrita’s performance. In the same year, Amrita joined a teledrama named as Shakhtar by John Matthew Matthan. She played the leading role Madhavi. Then in 2006, she appeared in the movie Pyare Mohan, a comedy movie produced with less cost with Vivek Oberoi. But in this movie she got too many negative reviews, furthermore, Rajeev Masand had told that Amrita had damaged career laws by producing a low-grade creation.

Though Amrita Rao had a unique talent, most of her movies are not being caressed by people. The main reason for this is, there is not any proper way to take these movies directly to the spectators. The Vivah movie which was released in 2006 was able to touch people. This movie is about a love story of a girl and a boy who were met accidentally, and then they become lovers. In that movie, she performed her act with Shahid Kapoor. There she had to play a role of a traditional rural girl. The movie received mixed reviews and it was the most famous movie of the year. And also from this movie Amrita had a good income too. Movie Vivah was a turning point of Amrita Rao’s life and she has won the 13th Star Screen Award and also she was nominated for the Best Actress Award.

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